GOISP is connecting people with the internet by fiber cables expanding from Khulna Bangladesh. We offer optic fiber backbone connectivity direct to your office and home, wireless zone installation in railway station, bus station, and city mall area or inside your large wearhouse.

Investment Notice

Get a chance to make profit based on your small investment within shortest period with GOISP. We are growing faster and it's an opportunity for you to be a stakeholder of GOISP

We appreciate your interest to join with us and be a part of GOISP. You can fill up Subscription form to share your interests and submit to notify us. We will contact with you within 24 hour.

20 %

Growth in a year

Terms of investment

1. Profit: 20% / year
2. Duration: 1 year or longer
3. Amount: 100 USD to 100K USD - Maybe 100 Millions possible

- If you invest 10000 USD into GOISP you'll get returned 12000 USD after a year.
- If you invest 100 USD into GOISP you'll get returned 120 USD after a year.
- If you invest 100000 USD into GOISP you'll get returned 120000 USD after a year.

How To Invest
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Why you invest to GOISP?
ISP business in Bangladesh is still a growing market. Everybody wants internet. People want stable fast internet. We have proven internet Speed connectivity and infrastructure installed.

Our plan: First stage:
We are running our broadband internet networking operation in khulna city, southern divisional capital city of Bangladesh. Khulna have more than 500,000 permanent living citizens in town. Additionally, here have 50,000 business organization all over khulna city. We need investment 100,000 USD to connect around 10,000 customers all over khulna city. GOISP will generate target revenue within six months after investment. And, we offer you sharp 20% profit share within after a year.

Our plan: Second stage:
Bangladesh is a over population county. We have 200 Millions people living place within 157,570 Square Kilometers area. This is a huge population density. Broadband Internet benefits are, if you can get customers living places are adjacent with one another, that will be the most remarkable terms to save installation cost. Because you need low investment cost of fiber optics and POE switches. In stage second, we will scale all over Bangladesh to provide internet service more than 100,000 customers. We need minimum investment of 10 Millions USD to scale all over Bangladesh. We believe, we can do it together to enlight our future.

How To Verify 'GOISP'

What is GOISP (Cogent Broadband) and how to verify our legal information

'GOISP' is a brand of Cogent Broadaband, Registered Zonal ISP by Govt. Of Bangladesh. We are a legal entity of Bangladesh Government approved privately help company licensed under Khulna City Corporation our local brand License Number TRAD/KCC 3 1679 and ISP License Number 14.32.0000.702.45.7ecut85.19.305
Go to http://www.btrc.gov.bd:1270/DIS/licence_data?cat=ISP-Zonal and input our license number or ISP name "Cogent Broadband" to find our company license number 14.32.0000.702.45.785.19.305. If the page doesn't appear retry after some seconds. Looks like sometimes they have caching misses (?)